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June 22, 2016

This Is Your Day By Mike Lee

Filed under: Twisted Tales,Writing Tools — Annie Evett @ 6:00 pm

As I exited the bodega what I first noticed about the young woman standing outside was the white plastic hair clip crookedly dangling, loosely buried between the hunks of her long honey-blond hair. The hair draped her tight, thin shoulders halfway down her back. Her poise was as if standing at attention, with her back turned to the bodega entrance. The woman seemed to be on this block for a purpose, a sentinel patiently waiting for her orders from elsewhere.

As I tried to pass, the young woman suddenly spun to face me.

“You must come with me,” she said, breathless. “Today is your day.”

“My day?”

She stared at me with oval eyes the cast of emeralds. Her skin was tan. My first guess was she was from the Middle East, but also vaguely French, Italian and Roma. Perhaps a pied noir; I read books on the Algerian War. A savage war of peace, and her family exiled.

You could see the planet in her pretty face; an alluring geography of curving full lips, the range of her narrow nose sloping toward them, and the seashore sunny tones of her smooth skin.

She dressed from another time. A gray Cashmere sweater buttoned over a bleached Peter Pan collared blouse, a shapeless black knee-length skirt, thick old-style nylon stockings and black ballet flats with wide bows. Maybe she was Jewish Orthodox. I think the unmarried girls do not wear wigs.

“Yes,” she said, earnest yet courteous. “You must come with me.”

I became anxious. “I am sorry, but I must get home.”

The young woman became adamant, her voice rising. “No. You don’t understand.
Today is your day.”

She bit her lip. “Please.”

“Then what day is today?

She grasped my hand. Her fingers were cold.

A whisper: “This is your day.”

I now understood what she meant.

Emeralds sparkled.



  1. Fantastic!
    Congratulations, Mike!


    Comment by Kátia Lima — June 23, 2016 @ 10:21 am | Reply

  2. I don’t understand what she meant! It’s it his lucky day or his last?

    Nice dialogue, good way to draw the reader in.


    Comment by ganymeder — June 26, 2016 @ 10:09 am | Reply

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