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March 26, 2018

Art Words

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Art Words is a new transmediation project between Stanthorpe Art Gallery and Stanthorpe Writers Group.  Its opens Tuesday the 27th of March, with solid plans for this to be a regular monthly exhibition. 

 Each month, local writers use a specific piece of artwork unearthed from the vaults of the Stanthorpe Gallery as stimuli to craft a 100 – 300 word response. All submitted pieces will be displayed with the artwork at the Gallery during the subsequent month.

 The Junior Writers Group, specifically aimed for those aged between 10 and 18 is lead by flash fiction author, Annie Evett. Annie is an internationally recognised flash fiction author, speaker and workshop facilitator, who holds a blue card and is a registered teacher.

 Monthly meetings held at the Art Gallery will involve hands on storytelling and writing activities with the aim to improve skills and confidence in wordsmithing. Stanthorpe Gallery Director, Mary Findlay is excited about the prospect of fostering young talent in the area with the view of bridging the gap between the arts.

 The Open Stanthorpe Writers Group members, who meet monthly on a different day also have the opportunity to edit and hone their pieces over the following two weeks at home before submitting it for feedback, editing and possible display and publishing opportunities.  

Given the arts are intrinsically entwined, so it comes as no surprise to see writers busy gaining inspiration and honing their craft within galleries. Annie says that young people naturally connect thoughts, words, and images long before they master the skill of writing and is thrilled to be part of their writing journey.

 Annie and Mary believe that art elicits a variety of responses from viewers and are looking for different ways for visitors to interact with the displays.

 By the end of the year, it is envisaged that the groups have enough material to collate and publish into an Anthology.

Find out more on the project by following Stanthorpe Writers Group. on facebook.

July 25, 2016

Twisted Tales 2016 announcement

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Raging Aardvark Publishing is delighted to announce this years line up for Twisted Tales Flash Fiction Anthology. After enormous deliberation, we have ‘twisted the rules’ given the incredible stories submitted. Normally the top 12 are published, however, we could not separate some of the stories and feel these top stories deserve to be published.
Congratulations to all.
Mystery Mail by Jodie How
Norfolk by Christopher Stanley
Retail Therapy by Keith Gillison
Children’s Games by Alyson Faye
Coming Undone by Epiphany Ferrell
The Note by John Holland
Pumpkin by Jon Stubbington
Boxed In by Emily Forster
Scatterlings by Carleton Chinner
The Third Sphere by Lindsay McLeod
The Light Below by Paul Gray
Caroom! by E. W. Farnsworth
Coming Home by Joy Manne
Community Service by Susan Howe
Peoples Choice Story ( chosen by a wide range of readers) was Mystery Mail by Jodie How.
Judges Choice Story (was a very difficult one to agree on, given the quality ) was Mystery Mail by Jodie How.
Publication is expected in mid November.
Leading up to publication, interviews with the authors, will be posted here every week.
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